Some awesome Rapidez projects!


Ranzijn tuin & dier is a specialty store where you can find everything for your garden, pets, and home. Ranzijn tuin & dier has 15 offline locations and an overarching webshop where you can order products online. is the very first Rapidez webshop in production! With a lot of Rapidez packages to integrate with existing Magento modules from different vendors like; Amasty, Mageprince, Mirasvit, Smile and Snowdog. Sadly not the highest Lighthouse scores because of all the scripts added with Google Tag Manager.


Barrel Brothers

Barrel Brothers started in 2015 as an importer of Mexican specialties in the distilled spirits sector and as a supplier to restaurants. In the meantime, Barrel Brothers has built up a diverse portfolio of premium spirits. Connoisseurs of premium spirits (restaurant owners, dealers and consumers) can order them through the Barrel Brothers webshop. Barrel Brothers is an B2B Rapidez webshop with customer (group) specific pricing, Magento MSI (Multi Source Inventory) and the content is managed with Strapi. The shop scores excellent with Google Lighthouse, 4x green on mobile!


Drank originally started out of passion for shaking cocktails in various cocktail bars and attending liquor tastings. Today, they are true experts in the field of alcoholic beverages, sharing their knowledge and experience on, where everyone can easily order their favorite drinks for a good price and with friendly service. In addition to the online store, they also have a physical store, "De Boetiek," located in The Hague, where visitors are welcome to come and smell and taste their selection of drinks. is an Multistore B2C webshop within the Barrel Brothers installation.


Right Spirits

Right Spirits is an online beverage wholesaler with a team of dedicated beverage experts. The headquarters are located in Amsterdam and Antwerp, and they exclusively supply to hospitality businesses and retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium. is an multistore B2B webshop with features like customer (group) specific pricing and Magento MSI (Multi Source Inventory).

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Veldman Slijptechniek

Veldman Slijptechniek is a company with over 50 years of experience in supplying, sharpening and producing cutting tools. They supply a large number of industries with cutting tools, including the staircase industry, interior construction, timber factories, kitchen and cabinet factories, contractors, furniture makers, panel builders, and wood, metal and plastic processing industries. Veldman Slijptechniek has an Rapidez B2B webshop through which they serve their customers. has awesome features like tier pricing and custom search rules!


Currently in development

  • Vlaming Groep
  • PackagingDirect
  • Rozenkelim

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