Super fast Headless Magento.

With Laravel, Vue and Reactive Search

Rapidez is build with

Why you should use Rapidez

Easy development

Just Laravel and its templating engine Blade, no more XML files and phtml templates.

Lightning fast

Fully decoupled frontend with catalog data taken directly from the database and Turbo for smooth page transitions.

Future proof

The latest techniques and features are used like Laravel Blade Components, TailwindCSS JIT mode and GraphQL.

Open source

Fully open source under the GNU GPLv3 license!

Browser tests

The Rapidez Core is tested in the browser with Laravel Dusk tests.

Magento focused

Full focus on the Magento platform so less abstraction and faster development.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so fast?

Because Rapidez does not use the Magento frontend stack. Just Laravel which queries the Magento database directly and the Magento REST API / GraphQL for other parts like the cart and checkout. Category filters are so fast because of Reactive Search which uses Elasticsearch as database. For the smooth page transitions Rapidez uses Turbo.

Why headless and not a PWA?

Do you really need a offline experience on your webshop? PWA makes things more complicated then necessary.

Do I need to know Vue?

No, Vue is only used for some functional frontend components like the cart. All Vue components are "renderless" so most likely you never need to touch them because all the HTML is in the Blade files. But some basic knowledge of Vue could be useful.

TailwindCSS is used, do I need to use it?

No, you do not need to use it. You are completely free to use whatever you want. We like it so we use it for basic styling.


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